The Steep Descent is a short eBook that explains the reason humanity is hell bent on destroying itself.
It doesn’t take a genius to see we are on the Steep Descent to oblivion.

Amazingly, it is incredibly easy to stop the corrupted few who crave war, control, abuse and greed. This very short book will show you how to regain the riches, freedom and power that has been stolen from you. In very few words, this FREE eBook will show you the true nature of your government and provide solutions to many personal and global problems.

There are a small group of controlling ‘people’ on planet earth who want you dead.

They are bored from playing with your emotions for their personal amusement and profit. Soon, you will be be eradicated by a group of people with a personality disorder that leaves them unable to feel guilt for their barbarity. Their lust for control and material wealth is insatiable and therein lies their Achilles heel.
These creatures have controlled people with fear and lies from the stone age to our current society.

It seems like a plot for a fiction horror story, but it is our reality.
It is incredibly easy to stop them, but until now, few people knew how.
At last, we have the knowledge and tools to easily stop those in control from killing us all.

Today is not the day to be sleepwalking. We are torn between a technological revolution that could benefit us beyond measure and extinction. If you cannot wake up, the war machines will grind, the glaciers will melt and planet earth will be reduced to another lifeless rock orbiting a mediocre star.

Is this just another doom porn website?
You bet ya, but humanity doesn’t have to suffer the Steep Descent into extinction.
Their is a simple explanation as to how we got in this mess and there is a simple solution to all current global insanity.

Download The Steep Descent now.
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The solution to global problems is so simple, it’s laughable.



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